Top 5 Uses of QR Codes for Restaurants

In my [last entry] I discussed some creative ways that companies are already using QR codes. One of these companies, Taranta, is a sushi restaurant that hides QR codes on your dinner plate, under your food. This is a nice start, but there are plenty of other opportunities for restaurants to utilize QR codes. There are my top five suggestions:

5. You want feedback from your customers but they rarely take their receipts home, go to the website listed and provide their two cents. By printing a QR code on every receipt, a customer can scan it and fill out a quick survey online while the meal is still fresh in their mind.

4. Show off your finest dishes; link to a YouTube video of your chefs at work. What makes people hungrier than seeing delicious meals being prepared? Just make sure not to give away any secret ingredients ;-)

3. Give your patrons a way to entertain themselves while they wait to be seated. Post a few QR codes around your restaurant that lead to pages about its history. When was it founded? Was it always a restaurant or did it used to be a corner shop for pizza and ice cream? Sharing your history with customers makes the establishment feel more hospitable and conveys that it grew because its food is worth buying.

2. Every time I discover a great new place to eat, I always end up telling my friends when I’m nowhere near the take out menu I brought home. In addition to physical take out menus, post several QR codes around the restaurant that will take customers to a digital version of your take out menu. No matter where your customer is, they will have the data stored in their phone and they can decide on a dish, call and order. No more misplaced menus, and plenty more opportunities for sales.

1. The American population is growing ever more health-conscious. Patrons want to know how many calories are in every piece of food they eat from the appetizer dish to the main course. Unfortunately, the standard “nutrition facts” takes up a lot of room and you couldn’t possibly fit it on your menu for every item. Give the customers what they want and save room too by printing a QR code next to every item. Even McDonald’s is storing their nutritional information in QR codes in Japan, and your restaurant is probably much more dignified.

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