Which Phones are Scanning the Most QR Codes?


The smartphone industry is a heated battle between a small handful of platforms. If you’re tech savvy and designing your own QR reader app, you’ll want to design it for a platform on which people will use it. I am not going to try to sway you toward a particular platform. I am merely using this space to analyze factual data.


At the end of 2009, Blackberry was in control of 36% of the smartphone market with Android at 28% and iPhone trailing behind at 21%. In 2011 the power had shifted significantly. Android is the industry leader with 39% of the market. iPhone follows with 28% and Blackberry is in third place with just 20%. Over Blackberry, Windows, Nokia and the other competition, Android and iPhone have proven to be the major contenders in the smartphone market.


Android has grown more because they seem to be attracting an audience of users new to smartphones. iPhone, on the other hand, is growing by stealing the users of other services after their contracts expire. What iPhone has done right is customer loyalty. 89% of iPhone users stuck with the platform. Meanwhile, 29% of Blackberry users and 21% of Android users ended up switching to iPhone. As time progresses, I can see iPhone succeeding Android if their customer satisfaction does not improve.


Despite being third in the industry in 2009, 99.4% of all smartphone apps downloaded were done on iPhones. While this statistic has certainly shifted, it is still said that QR code scans from iPhones outnumber those on Android three to one. Although Android is the industry leader for service, iPhone users tend to download more apps.

For more data on industry trends, consult the following infographics:

How Popular is the iPhone (2009 data)

Droid vs. iOS (2011 data)

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