Linkin Park Promoting with QR Codes

While researching QR codes the other night I ended up in a Facebook chat with an old friend. I told him about my blog and he told me about the most ubiquitous QR campaign he knew of: his favorite band, Linkin Park. On one hand I thank him for his contribution and I commend the band for their use of QR codes. However their music isn’t my cup of tea. I prefer Foster the People, Neutral Milk Hotel and [Nappy Roots].

But this post isn’t about Linkin Park’s music as much as their marketing. My friend told me they try to keep up with the latest technology and that their promotional items are often too advanced for his devices to handle. Since Linkin Park is with the times, and considering that their DJ is Japanese and the rapper/producer is half-Japanese so they bring their tours to Japan often, it is no surprise that they have been utilizing QR codes for some time now. The earliest example I could dig up was a promotional advertisement for their 2010 album A Thousand Suns. Apparently in Europe there were posters in bus depots. I’m not certain if these advertisements were also used in Japan or the U.S.

Linkin Park also used a QR code to promote their single “Iridescent” which could be found both on A Thousand Suns and the soundtrack to Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which I refuse to see as a result of my disdain for Michael Bay. The band gave their fans early access to video footage via a QR code posted on their website about a week before the full video was released. Most recently, Linkin Park has teamed up with Dreamworks Pictures and Best Buy for the release of the Transformers: Dark of the Moon Blu-Ray. Best Buy stores had an in-house display for the film featuring a QR code that would send customers to a secret page where they could watch a video of Linkin Park performing in Moscow. See that fact worded slightly differently and accompanied by a picture here!

My friend tells me they plan to release a new album in 2012. Perhaps we will see most QR codes from the band. Maybe some prettier ones like the [codes I saw at Walmart]. Or maybe Linkin Park will abandon QR codes and switch over to Near Field Communication. Only time will tell, but I can guarantee that while other people are waiting anxiously for the music, I’ll be judging the band silently through their QR codes. Actually, I’ll probably judge them in print too. 

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